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Our GST consultancy services includes GST compliance for our clients. It is very much necessary in GST era to file all GST returns with utomost accuracy does not allow any scope with errors in return filing and GST compliances. We are acknowledged as provider of best GST consultancy services in ahmedabad which includes GST services including GST refunds, GST returns, GST registration, etc.

Our Services

Being provider of best GST consultancy services in ahmedabad our GST consultancy services includes following services:

Loan consultant in Ahmedabad

GST returns service

GST return services include the preparation of GST returns including GSTR1, GSTR3B, and all other GST returns.

NIL TDS return declaration

GST refund services

GST refund services include a refund of GST against export and GST refund in case of inverted duty structure.

Reasons for Income Tax notices.

GST Audit Services

GST audit services include auditing of GST returns filed during the year and preparation of GST audit report.

gst consultancy services

GST Registration Service

GST registration services include determination whether a business is liable to register under GST by comparing business turnover with GST registration threshold limit and thus help the client avoiding GST penalty for non-registration. Our GST registration services also include preparing and compiling documents for GST registration and thus applying for GST registration, we also help in modification of GST registration details like changing of GST registered address and also for applying temporary user ID for an unregistered person. Besides the above GST registration services also includes registration of additional places of business and registration under GST in different states. Our GST registration services also include checking the ARN status of the GST registration application.


What are the benefits of registering under GST?

GST registered person can take credit of tax paid on purchases. It is also useful for selling articles online on various eCommerce platforms.

How are goods classified under GST?

Every financial entity has heavy transactions daily hence it requires continuous monitoring. Hence it requires a concurrent audit for the bank.


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Got a Question?


GST rate for consultancy services is 18%.

GST consultant is a professional who helps to manage goods and services matters like gst returns,taxes payment,tax reconciliation,ITC reconciliation,gst refund services,gst registration, classification of goods and services,etc.

GST rate for labour charges is widely 18%.

GST rate for labour contractor is 18%.

GST rate for works contract is 18%.

GST rate for professional services is 18%.

Highest gst rate in India is 28%

No, gst not charged on dental services.

There are four rates of GST for regular registered person those are 5%,12%,18% and 28%. For person registered under composition scheme there are two rates and those are 1% and 2%.

Yes, GST applicable on labour charges.