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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, believe in providing the most efficient and hassle-free services to our clients with the help of our experienced team of experts. We provide complete range of services including Add a director service in Ahmedabad that are required by an individual or company for their taxation, accounting, returns filing,ROC filing services and director appointment and investment planning needs such as audit services, GST returns and refunds, accounting services, ITR filing services and many more. “Add a director” is one of those services that we provide within our purview of Accounting Services in Ahmedabad. We believe in providing our clients with all the information and knowledge about the services that they are looking to avail.

Add a director service in Ahmedabad

Add a director service in Ahmedabad

Who is a director?

  • Director is a person who manages, oversees, or controls the working of the company.
  • Director is a person appointed or elected by the shareholders through the “Memorandum of Association” and “Articles of Association” of the company,
  • He/she is appointed to the Board of a Company to manage the duties and functions of a company,
  • Director is person responsible to see to it that the company functions as per “The Company Act,2013”,
  • Board of Directors is the group of Directors appointed or elected by the shareholders.

Type of company

Minimum number of Directors required

One Person Company


Private Limited Company


Public Limited Company



Situations in which new or additional Directors must be added:

  • Death, retirement, or resignation of existing director/s,
  • New department or products which requires new director to lead the team,
  • When specified or statutory number of directors reduces,
  • When shareholders want to assign more operational responsibility without losing strategic control.

Eligibility of a person to be added as a director:

  • Must be 18 years of age or above,
  • Must be qualified as per the Companies Act,2013,
  • Must be eligible as per Articles of Association of the company,
  • Consent of Members of the Board must add a director to the company,

Types of Directors:

  • Managing Directors:
    • Is given substantial powers of management of the company.
  • Executive Director:
    • Full time employee of the company who engages in core management of the company. Looks after/ supervises operations of company such as GST returns, Accounting, Marketing and other day to day operations.
  • Additional Director
  • Alternate Director:
    • Is a director appointed for a person who is an NRI or foreign collaborator,
    • Acts for the original director in his/her absence if the absence is longer than period of 3 months.
  • Ordinary Director:
    • Attends the board meetings of director and takes part in the matters put across,
    • Are not whole-time Directors or Managing Directors.

Documents required to “Add a director”:

  • PAN card mandatory for Indian resident (self-attested copy)/passport mandatory for foreign applicant (self-attested copy),
  • Identity and address proof (self-attested copy),
  • Consent to act as director in format of DIR-2,
  • Resolution passed by shareholders (copy),
  • Notice for shareholders meeting.

Process for appointing new director or adding a director:

  • Passing of resolution in meeting of shareholders,
  • Apply for DSC,
  • Apply for DIN,
  • Consent Letter,
  • DIR 12 Form,
  • Completion of process.

Services provided at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Collection of Document,
  • Board Resolution Drafting,
  • DSC and DIN application,
  • Consent letter drafting as per format of DIR-2,
  • Form DIR-8 Drafting,
  • DIR 12 filling and filing,
  • Completion of process and Acknowledgement.

    FAQS on Add a director service in Ahmedabad

    Yes, it is possible to add a director to a company if it is allowed through Articles of Association of the company and The Companies Act provisions.

    • Any Indian resident, NRI or Foreign National who is 18 years and above and qualifies to be a director according to AOA of company and The Companies Act,2013 can be a director in company.
    • Any person who has been convicted of any offence and has served a punishment of 7 years or more is automatically disqualified to be a director.

    Yes, an ordinary resolution passed by majority of shareholders is needed for appointment or addition of new director.

    A director can be removed without his/her consent but cannot be appointed or added without his/her signature on consent letter in format prescribed as per DIR-2.

    According to section 174(2) if the director count goes below the statutory or prescribed number then new director must be appointed by the one remaining director with consent of shareholders.

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