Change in LLP agreement

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Change in LLP agreement

Change in LLP agreement

Services provided for Change in LLP agreement at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Evaluation of changes,
  • Collection of documents,
  • Drafting of supporting documents,
  • Drafting of resolution,
  • Drafting of supplementary LLP agreement,
  • Stamp duty services,
  • Submitting supplementary LLP agreement,
  • Replying to queries generated,
  • Making appropriate changes,
  • Completion of changes.

Common changes in an LLP agreement:

  • LLP name changes,
  • Changes in objectives of LLP,
  • Change in Registered office address (within the jurisdiction of ROC),
  • Change in Registered office from one jurisdiction to another,
  • Change in address of Registered office from one state to another,
  • Transfer of partner rights in case of death of partner,
  • Sale of LLP,
  • Change in profit and loss sharing ratio,
  • Resignation or removal of partner,
  • Addition of partner,
  • General changes in LLP agreement.

Documents required for changes in LLP agreement:

  • Original LLP agreement,
  • Details of modifications to be made in LLP agreement,
  • Additional Deed,
  • Resolution passed at meeting of LLP partners,
  • Consent of Partners (individual),
  • Copy of authorization or resolution with name and address proof,
  • Supporting documents for name change,
  • Documents required for:
    • Form 3,
    • Form 4.
  • Note: Copy of resolution is mandatory in case where a corporation is an LLP partner.

Process of changes in LLP agreement:

  • Passing of resolution in meeting of LLP partners,
  • Form 3 is to be filled with Registrar of Companies (ROC) within 30 days of passing the resolution, and the following details must be mentioned in form 3:
    • Date of modification in agreement,
    • Reason for change in agreement,
    • Rights and duties of partners
    • Management of LLP,
    • Details of indemnity clause,
    • Resolution of disputes,
    • Duration of LLP,
    • Details regarding voluntary winding up (if applicable),
    • Details regarding addition, expulsion, removal, retirement, or resignation of partner,
    • Details regarding any other clauses related to agreement,
    • Details of changes in contributions and profit-sharing ratio of partners,
    • Details of change in business activities,
    • Industrial activities as per NIC-2004.
  • Form 4 is to be filled in case of change in partner or designated partner,
  • Filing of forms,
  • Filing of supporting documents,
  • Payment of stamp duty,
  • Approval by ROC,
  • Implementation of changes.

    FAQS on Change in LLP agreement

    • Yes, an LLP agreement can be amended by passing a resolution and filing receptive form along with supporting documents.
    • An LLP can change business activities after a board meeting and acquiring consent of all partners in the meeting.
    • Partners can be added, removed or modified after obtaining consent of all partners and then intimating the MCA to approve the changes,
    • The intimation must be completed within 30 days of date of change.
    • No, there is no provision for making changes in Form 11 after it has been filed.
    • If there are only two partners in the LLP and one of the partners leaves then the LLP is automatically dissolved if another partner is not added to the LLP,
    • If there are more than two partners, then modification is to be made to the agreement by filing a supplementary LLP agreement.
    • Yes, the LLP can completely transfer its ownership,
    • Alternatively, an LLP can also transfer rights, ownership and contributions of one or more partners as well.
    • No, there is no provision for filing revised form 8 after it has been filed.
    • Yes, it is mandatory for LLP to file Form 11 with the ROC within 60 days of end of financial year.

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