Annual filing for private limited company

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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, provide Annual filing for private limited company services along with numerous other services such as accounting services, audit services, company registration services, GST filing, returns and refund services, Income Tax returns preparation and filing services to our clients in an efficient and hassle-free manner. We also believe in providing our clients with the complete knowledge about the service that they are looking to avail.

Annual filing for private limited company

Annual filing for private limited company

Annual filing for private limited company services provided at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Preparation of documents,
  • Collection of documents,
  • Preparation and filing of ROC form AOC4, MGT7 and ADT-1,
  • Submission of forms,
  • Finalization of returns,
  • Submission of returns,
  • Receipt of acknowledgment,
  • Reply to queries from ROC and relevant authorities,
  • Completion of filing.

Process of Annual Filing of private limited companies:

  • Collection of documents,
  • Auditing Financial statements and other documents,
  • Finalizing and filing Income Tax returns,
  • Preparation and submission of Forms,

Annual filing compliances for Private limited companies:

  • Income tax returns:
    • To be filed before 30th September after the end of financial year (i.e., 30th September,2022 for FY 2021-22).
  • MCA form AOC-4:
    • To be filed before 30th November after end of financial year.
  • MCA form MGT-7:
    • To be filed before 31st December after the end of financial year.
  • MCA form ADT-1:
    • To be filed within 15 days from appointment of auditor.

Documents required for annual filing for Private limited company services:

  • Income tax returns:
    • PAN card,
    • Class 2 digital signature certificate of Director.
  • Form AOC-4:
    • Audited financial statements,
    • Conclusions of Annual General Meeting,
    • Board resolutions during the financial year,
    • Details of auditors,
    • Balance sheet,
    • Profit and loss statement,
    • Directors’ report,
    • Auditors’ report.
  • Form MGT-7:
    • Company PAN card,
    • Details of primary business activities of company,
    • Details of Holding, subsidiary, Joint venture, and associate companies,
    • Number of members, promoters, and debenture holders,
    • Copy of MGT-8 if paid up share capital is of 10 crores or more, or turnover is of 50 crores or more.
  • Form ADT-1:
    • Board resolution copy,
    • Written consent of Auditor,
    • Certificate from auditor showing that he/she is not disqualified.

Mandatory processes for annual filing of private limited companies:

  • Accounting:
    • Proper procedures and methods of accounting have to be followed for proper annual filing of private limited companies.
  • Statutory Audits:
    • It is mandatory for private limited companies to get their books of accounts audited by practicing Chartered accountant.
    • The audited reports are mandatory for filing of AOC-4 and to be presented if asked for by the authorities after income tax returns filing.
  • MAT audit:
    • Private limited companies are required to get their account audited under MAT (minimum Alternate Tax),
    • A report has to be issued by a practicing Chartered accountant under form 29B stating that MAT has be calculated in compliance with the Income Tax Act,1961.
  • Income Tax Audit:
    • All private limited companies have to get the income tax audits done as per Section 44B of Income Tax act,1961.
  • ITR filing:
    • ITR of private limited companies has to be filed before 30th September following the financial year,
    • No forms or annual filing can be done without filing Income Tax Returns.

    FAQS on Annual filing for private limited company

    • A private limited company has to file the following returns annually:
      • Income tax Returns,
      • Form AOC-4,
      • Form MGT-7,
      • Form ADT-1.
    • Yes, all ROC forms are mandatory for a private limited company to file every year within the stipulated time period.
    • If a private limited company does not file annual returns with the ROC within stipulated time frame, then there are penalties which the company has to pay, and the ROC can even strike the Private limited company from the registrar.
    • No, the form MGT-9 does not exist anymore according to Companies Act,2013,
    • Therefore, there is no requirement of preparing or filing form MGT-9.
    • No, DPT 3 is to be filed by companies only in the years which it has received money and the loan which is due.
    • Yes, the books of accounts need to be audited and certified by a practicing Chartered accountant.

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