One person company registration services

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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, believe in providing best One person company registration services. We also also provide taxation, Investment, Government regulations and Investment planning. But even before providing any services we believe in assisting everyone in understanding and evaluating all the aspects of any service they need to avail. In the following page you will find all the information that you need to understand about One person company and its registration.

Simple steps for One person company registration services

One person company registration services

One person company registration services

One Person Company Registration services provided at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Experts advise regarding requirements and process,
  • DSC application,
  • DIN number application,
  • Collection of documents,
  • Filing of forms,
  • Attending to any queries raised,
  • Issuance of certificate of Incorporation

What is One Person Company (OPC)?

  • One Person Company is a concept which was introduces with the Company’s Act, 2013, is a company formed by a single person.
  • Before 2013 a single person was not able to form a company,
  • It can be formed by one director and one member (both can be the same person),
  • It can we formed by a resident or non-resident Indian.

Documents for One person Company registration:

  • PAN card or Passport,
  • Passport for NRIs and foreign nationals,
  • Scanned copy of driver’s license or voter’s ID,
  • Gas or electricity invoice/bank statement/mobile or landline phone bill,
  • Specimen signature or thumb impression,
  • Passport size photo.

Documents required for One Person Company registered office:

  • Only commercial premises are allowed as a registered office or directors place of residence,
  • Current bank statement/phone or mobile invoice/gas or electricity bill invoice,
  • Rental agreement in English Language,
  • No objection certificate from property owner or property owner,
  • Property or sale deed if property is owned.

Process for One Company registration or incorporation:

  • Check eligibility and documents,
  • Apply for DSC and DIN for all directors,
  • Application for name reservation,
  • Filing of Spice+ form,
  • Apply for PAN and TAN card,
  • Issuance of certificate of incorporation by ROC,

Advantages of One Person Company:

  • One person company can be established by a single person. The only other possibility for a single person to open a business is sole-proprietorship firm,
  • Limited liability of the person setting up the One Person Company,
  • Can appoint a successor,
  • Can be listed as a private limited company and have market value,
  • Easier credit facilities,
  • Easier returns filing,

Disadvantages of One Person Company:

  • Tax rate is at flat 30% on all profits and there are no exemptions,
  • If turnover exceeds 2 crores for consecutive 3 financial years, then the OPC has to be converted to LLP or public limited company,
  • One person can only register 1 OPC,

So, a One Person Company is beneficial for a person who is looking to form a company having the benefits of an LLP or Private Limited Company but wants to form it alone.

We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, provide the best services for formation of a One Person Company in a hassle free and efficient manner. Our team of experts will guide you and manage the entire process of formation of the company.

We are known for providing  provides One person company registration services

    FAQS on One person company registration services

    Any individual who has not formed any other One Person Company, can form a One Person Company.

    As with private limited company, an OPC requires INR 1,00,000/- as authorized capital to begin with. Please not the capital is authorized not paid-up capital, so it has not be invested just is to be authorized.

    The tax rate on One Person Company is flat 30% of profits with no exemptions allowed.

    One Director is needed for a One Person Company, the director can be same as the member.

    No, a person is allowed to operate only one active One person Company.

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