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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, provide services related to roc search report services in ahmedabad, taxation, accounting, regulatory compliances, Income tax and GST, in an efficient and hassle-free manner. We also believe in providing our clients with complete knowledge about the services they are looking to avail of. One of the many services that we provide is “ROC SEARCH REPORT SERVICES IN AHMEDABAD.”


Registrar of Companies (ROC) is an association which functions under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and is established in various states of India for the purpose of registering companies in the respective states.

It is appointed under Section 609 of The Companies Act (2013), and it holds all the documents of any company registered with it. These documents are available for public to inspect.

ROC search Report services provided at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Background check of company,
  • Payment of fees to ROC,
  • Online/offline document collection,
  • Scrutiny of all documents,
  • Collecting all information according to the purpose of ROC search Report required by Client,
  • Analysing the details collected,
  • Preparation of ROC search Report.


ROC Search Report:

  • ROC Search Report is a report prepare by a practicing CA, CS or Advocate after inspection of all the documents of the company which are present with the ROC.
  • It a report for the shareholders and banks for the details of the company,
  • Banks require the search report of the company to grant loans. This step is to safeguard the bank from probable defaults,
  • Helps stakeholders in making decisions regarding investment, control or entering contract with a certain company.

Contents of ROC Search Report:

  • Name of company,
  • Date of incorporation,
  • CIN,
  • Capital structure,
  • Registered offices,
  • Details of company Directors,
  • Details of shareholders,
  • Registered charges details.

Process of ROC search Report:

  • Payment of fees to MCA,
  • Downloading relevant documents,
  • Preparation of search report,
  • Application of certified copies.


Important points regarding availability of Documents from ROC:

Uses of ROC Search Report:

  • Bank ask for ROC search report to assess the company before granting loans. Through ROC Search Report the Banks can know about defaulting companies/directors, assets and liabilities, shareholders and mortgage status.
  • For Shareholders to know the status of company and their shares (transfers and current holdings).
  • For any individual who is looking to be a director of the company can know before hand the details about the company in which he is to be director.


    ROC Search Report is a report prepared by a practicing CA, CS or Advocate after inspection of all the documents of the company which are present with the ROC.

    Any person looking to get into a contract or invest into a company or become a director of the company needs to know the status of the company financially and historically so as to avoid losses.


    An ROC search report helps banks safeguard themselves against probable future defaults or frauds because of the scrutiny made before hand in the ROC search Report.

    • Yes, any information about a company that the company provides to the ROC can be accessed through ROC search Report.
    • Any Company registered with ROC must file their yearly financial statements with the ROC, so they are available for scrutiny or analysis.

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