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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, Best Accounting company in Ahmedabad provide our clients with the best accounting services in Ahmedabad with the experienced team of experts to assist and empower them at every step of their business. One of the services, within the Accounting services in Ahmedabad, we provide QuickBooks Accounting services to our clients. Along with providing services we also provide knowledge and information to our clients regarding the services they are looking to avail of.

Best Accounting company in Ahmedabad

What is QuickBooks?

  • QuickBooks is an account software which was developed by and is maintained by Intuit in the year 2000,
  • Its is one of the leading accounting software current markets,
  • Advantages of QuickBooks over traditional accounting:
    • Virtual consultation with experts within the software to save the clients time and efforts,
    • It also allows for CLOUD ACCOUNTING, wherein the client and accountant can access the data from any device and anywhere in the world. So even if accounting service is provided in Ahmedabad, it can be accessed by the client anywhere in the world.
    • Add-on Integrations where there are many add-on applications which the business can purchase to maintain accurate and secure data. Some of the add-on applications include:
      • Inventory management,
      • Project management,
      • Online store integration,
      • Document Storage,
      • Hosting,
      • Employee time tracking,
      • Database management.

Accounting Services in Ahmedabad provided at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • QuickBooks setup Services:
    • Understanding business and processes,
    • Evaluation of management reporting requirements,
    • Analysing and advising on best version of QuickBooks and third party application intergrations,
    • Designing and setting up accounts’ masters,
    • Configuration of payroll and tax settings,
    • Entry of old balances as per starting date
    • Training of client and staff for using the software.
  • QuickBooks accounting services in Ahmedabad:
    • Accounting entries in QuickBooks,
    • Analysis and reporting of operations regarding the business,
    • Invoices management (sales and purchased)
    • Payroll management,
    • Accounts receivables and payables management,
    • Finalization of books of accounts,
    • Tax Reports,
    • Bank transactions entries,
    • GST tax filing, returns and refund services,
    • Government rules and regulations compliance,
    • Cloud accounting,
    • Online store management,
    • Financial reporting which includes:
      • Balance sheet,
      • Income statement,
      • Trial balance,
      • Cash flow statement,
      • Bank reconciliation report,
      • Detailed general ledger report,
      • Fixed assets account management.
    • Cash flow forecasting and reporting,
    • Expert consultation and guidance.

    There is software used in banks that has a red flag system which created a red flag for unusual transactions which are monitored by audit staff.



    Best Accounting company in Ahmedabad
    Best Accounting company in Ahmedabad
    Best Accounting company in Ahmedabad-FAQs on Quickbooks accounting services

    QuickBooks is one of the leading account software available in the market which provides lots of add-on integration and value-added services such as accountants, cloud accounting and complete book-keeping services.

    • QuickBooks is one of the best online accounting software that is available in the market. Along with it being a online accounting software it has an advantage of having accountants that support the software and also many add-on integrations.
    • There are also training available to train client and staff on QuickBooks.

    Full book-keeping service is defined as where the bookkeepers manage all of the business’s accounting needs which includes preparation of financial statements, tax reporting, tax returns, pay-roll management, balance sheet preparation and so on.

    Yes, bookkeepers can prepare financial statements but they need to be supervised by accountants and also wherever applicable need to be audited by certified chartered accountants.

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