Income tax notice reply services

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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, provide Income tax notice reply services along with numerous other services such as accounting services, audit services, company registration services, GST filing, returns and refund services, Income Tax returns preparation and filing services to our clients in an efficient and hassle-free manner. We also believe in providing our clients with the complete knowledge about the service that they are looking to avail.

Income tax notice reply services

Income tax notice reply services

Income tax notice reply services

Services provided for Income Tax notice reply at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Analysis of notice received,
  • Recommend course of action for reply,
  • Collection of documents,
  • Preparation of reply,
  • Submission of reply to Income tax Department,
  • Response to any queries raised by the Income Tax officer,
  • Completion of reply and outcome.

Reasons for getting an Income Tax notice:

  • Delayed I.T. return filing,
  • T. return filed is deemed defective,
  • Withholding information about investments made in name of spouse,
  • High-value transactions which come under scrutiny,
  • Mismatch in filed TDS from the amount appearing in Form 26AS,
  • Tax evasion in previous financial years,
  • Non-disclosure of income according to department,
  • If returns filed are put under scrutiny,
  • Clarification or re-assessment required in filed return or reply.

Basic documents required for Income Tax Notice reply services:

  • Income tax notice,
  • Form 16,
  • Form 26AS tax credit statement,
  • Copy of paid tax challan,
  • Supporting documents required for the specific Income Tax Notice.

Importance of Income Tax Notice reply services:

  • Income tax notices are generated as there is a difference between the I.T. return filed by the taxpayer and the I.T. evaluated by the department for any reason.
  • The Income Tax Notice reply has to be filed to clarify or rectify the difference between both.
  • If Income tax notice is not filed withing stipulated time of receiving the notice then the taxpayer has to pay huge penalty apart from the tax difference raised by the department,
  • To avoid the above consequences the taxpayer has to file an income tax notice reply on time,
  • The income tax notice reply is a complex process and thus taxpayers’ avail of Income tax notice reply services to make the process hassle-free and efficient.

Types of Income Tax Notices:

  • Income tax intimation Section 143(1):
    • Intimation submitted by Income tax department after filing and processing or Income tax return.
  • Announcement of income (Section 143 (1) (a)):
    • A request for answers if there are any errors or inconsistencies in the filed return.
  • Notice of Income Tax (Section 139 (9)):
    • Notice issues when return on income tax (self-assessment tax) is filed.
  • Rectification under section 154:
    • When the income tax is filed and there is an error such as no TDS credit.
  • Income tax notice under section 245:
    • Notice sent to inform taxpayer of adjustment of refund against the income tax claim.
  • Income tax notice under section 142 (1):
    • Notice generated to obtain specific documents or information from taxpayer.
  • Income tax notice under section 148:
    • When the income tax officer has enough evidence to deduct that the taxpayer’s income has avoided assessment.
  • Income tax notice under section 156:
    • Issued after income tax assessment is completed and order is issued.
  • Contribution notice following Article 143(2):
  • The income tax notice reply is filed on the income tax e-filing portal after evaluation of notice, collection of documents and preparation of reply according to the notice.
  • If a taxpayer does not reply to the income tax notice within the stipulated time period, then the tax amount is auto adjusted and, penalties and prosecution may follow depending on the type of notice.


  • if the income tax return is not processed on the CPC website, then revised return can be filed without demand notice,
  • If the ITR has been processed, then revised return can only be filed after demand notice.

    Income tax notice reply services

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