GST Registration Changes services

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We, at K M Gatecha & Co LLP, provide GST registration changes service along with numerous other services such as accounting services, audit services, company registration services, GST filing, returns and refund services, Income Tax returns preparation and filing services to our clients in an efficient and hassle-free manner. We also believe in providing our clients with the complete knowledge about the service that they are looking to avail.

GST registration changes services

Services provided for GST registration changes at K M Gatecha & Co LLP:

  • Checking eligibility of applier,
  • Evaluation of GST registration changes,
  • Collection of documents,
  • Filling and filing forms,
  • Uploading documents,
  • Corrections or updating changes during process of change if required,
  • Replying to queries from department.

Who can apply for changes in GST registration?

  • The following entities can apply for changes in GST registration:
    • GST registrants and normal taxpayers,
    • TDS and TCS registrants,
    • UN bodies, embassies and other notified person having the UIN,
    • GST practitioners,
    • OIDAR (online information and database access or retrieval) service providers,
    • Non-resident Taxpayers.

Pre-requisites of applying for GST registration changes:

  • The business should be registered under GST,
  • PAN card details cannot be changed under any circumstances,
    • If PAN card is changed then the business must apply for new GST number,
  • Changes in core fields requires Tax official’s verification and approval.

Core fields of GST registration changes:

  • Business name,
  • Principal and additional places of business (other than change in State),
  • Addition or deletion of promoters, partners, Karta, Managing Committee or CEO.

Non-Core fields:

  • Business details,
  • Description of goods and services,
  • Editing in information related to state,
  • Authorised signatory or representatives,
  • Bank Details (addition, deletion, or modification),
  • Changes in details of stakeholders,
  • Minor corrections in existing places of business (principal or additional),
  • Change in mobile number or email address (through GST REG-14).

Process of GST registration changes:

  • Filing of Form GST REG-14,
  • Uploading supporting documents,
  • If the changes are approved by GST officer, then change is applied through Form GST REG-15 if not then:
    • Clarification is asked by GST officer through form GST REG-03,
    • The applicant must reply within 7 days through Form GST REG-04,
    • If the clarification is rejected then the GST officer rejects the change through Form GST REG-05,
    • If there is no reply from officer, then change is implemented.
  • Note: If PAN number is to be changed then new GST number has to be applied through form GST REG-01.

Documents required for GST registration changes:

  • Name of business:
    • GST REG-14 to be filed within 15 days from change in name along with the reason and date of change of name.
  • Change in principal address or additional places of business:
    • Proof of address such as:
      • Electricity bill,
      • Property tax bill,
      • Rent/lease agreement (if agreement is not available then affidavit to show that premises is rented),
      • Documents issued by Government of India (for businesses operating within SEZ).
    • Change to promoter information:
      • The following documents of promoter have to be submitted:
        • Identity proof,
        • Address proof,
      • Change in mobile number or email address:
        • GST REG-14,
        • Authorization through Digital Signature.
GST return filing consultancy services

Understanding the nature of the transaction and reconciling input tax credit

best GST audit services in ahmedabad

GST refund calculation and filing application

We help in the calculation of the exact amount of refund by using our GST experts and by coordinating with the executive of a client who handled GST work.

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K M GATECHA AND CO LLP is one of the chartered accountant for company registration in Ahmedabad,

    Frequently asked questions on GST Registration Changes services

    • Yes, you can add services in GST after registration,
    • The services must be added within 15 days of commencement of providing the services.

    If the services provider has a turnover of more than INR 20lacs per annum or 10lacs in special category states, then if is mandatory to obtain GST number through registration.

    No, GST number cannot be changed.

    • No, the PAN number cannot be changed,
    • If there is a change in PAN number, then the applicant must apply for a new GST number and apply for discontinuation of old GST number.

    Yes, a person can have multiple GST numbers for multiple businesses or branches even when they are in the same state.

    • Yes, one PAN card can have 2 GST numbers,
    • This will be applicable when a business has multiple branches and thus GST numbers must be obtained for each branch under same PAN card.

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    What is GST?

    GST (Goods and Services Tax) is the taxation structure that replaced many other taxes such as Excise duty, VAT, Sales tax, cess etc. on 1st July,2017.

    GST classifies most of the Goods and services into different slabs of taxation (i.e., 0%,5%,12% and 18%) so as to simplify the process of taxation, filing and also reduce the paperwork or workload on the taxpayers.

    Any business, HUF or individual with a turnover in excess of INR 40lakhs (in case of goods) and INR 20lakhs in case of services have to register for GST and file GST returns.


    In what situations does an entity or individual need to file for GST refunds?

    The various situations that can result in needing to apply for refund claim are as follows (please note we do try to cover all reasons but there might be other reasons as well): –

    • Refund of taxes when embassies make purchases,
    • Excess payment due to error by taxpayer,
    • Finalization of provisional assessment,
    • Sales which are later deemed as exports,
    • Refund of pre-deposit,
    • Accrued input tax credit due to inverted tax structure,
    • Refund due to any judgement, direction or decree of The Appellate Tribunal, or any court of law,
    • Supply to any developer and units in Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
    • Export of commodities or services,
    • Refund of IGST to international tourist.

    Refund Process

    • Refund can only be applied for at end of each quarter,
    • Filling form on GSTIN portal,
    • Receipt of acknowledgement number on SMS and Email,
    • The cash and return ledger will be adjusted in claimed amount,
    • The application and document submitted will be scrutinized by authorities within 30-days of application (provided it is not deemed as “Unjust Enrichment” which indicates that one is unjustly profiting at expense of the other),
      • If the refund is deemed as unjust enrichment, then the refund is transferred to Consumer Welfare Fund.
    • In case the refund claimed is more than predetermine amount then pre-audit will be conducted before refund is sanctioned.
    • Refund is processed through NEFT, RTGS or ECS.
    • If refund is below INR 1000 then no refund will be issued.

    Documents required

    • Basic Documents: –
      • Statement of relevant invoices showing the base for claim of refund.
    • For Export of services: –
      • Relevant bank realization certificates.
    • For sale to operators in Special Economic Zones (SEZs): –
      • Endorsement by authorized officer, verifying the receipt of commodities,
      • Declaration by SEZ unit, stating that Input Tax Credit of the tax paid by supplier has not been availed.

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