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Do you want set-up a business in India??
Are you a foreign based company who wants to tap the huge growing economy of India? Do you want help with all the registrations needed to set-up a base in India? If you want to do any of the above, then you are partnering with the best in India (yes that is us at K M GATECHA & CO LLP.) Our expert and experienced consultants will guide, help, and aid through the whole journey of forming the company. The formation of a company for a foreign entity in India is an overly complex process which requires lots of legal registration, documentation, licenses, permission, and initial banking. We make sure that the entire process of forming the company gets completed in a hassle-free and efficient manner. We provide best company formation services in ahmedabad,Gujarat,India. As best CA in Ahmedabad services are GST,income tax, accounting,Audit,GST returns,etc.

Simple steps for Company formation services in ahmedabad-Best Company formation services in India

Company Formation services in India

For conducting any business or operations “Legal Registration” under the Companies Act 2013 is necessary and mandatory
Before registration though choosing the right type of legal structure is critical.

Several types of legal structures to be chosen from
• Private Limited Company
• Limited Liability Partnership
• One Person Company (OPC)
• Proprietorship
Each structure has its own set of rules, regulations and compliance attached with it.
The type of structure ideal for your organization is decided according to your aims and goals, tax rates, expense of compliances with various legalities, cost of registration and many more.
Our aim is to help you choose the right structure for your organization according to your requirements and thus optimizing the cost, compliances and process to professionally guide you in incorporating your company in India.

The highly knowledgeable and experienced team at K M GATECHA & CO LLP. will help you as a client in all aspects of company formation services from the step of planning to the complete incorporation.
Private Limited Company Registration in India

Minimum Requirements
• Two directors and shareholders
• Proof of registered address
• No minimum capital required
• Scanned copy of PAN card and AADHAR Card/voter id/ Passport/ Driver’s license and passport size photograph of all directors
• DIN and Digital Signatures for both the directors
• Bank Statement/Utility Bill in the name of the director as an address proof
• Liability of shareholder is limited to his shareholding in Company
• Company can raise capital in form of equity shares, preferential shares and debentures etc.
• The process of company formation services is entirely online
• Any changes in the constitution of company can be informed online
• A private limited company can be a shareholder in another company or partner in a LLP

Registration of Foreign Companies
It is suitable for foreign nationals to incorporate a foreign subsidiary in India as FEMA guideline do not allow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in proprietorship, Partnership or One Person Company (OPC)
For FDI in LLP, RBI permission is required.
Foreign Nationals/Individuals can choose from the following options to form a company in India
• Branch Office
o Like a limited company, but cannot conduct manufacturing, retail trading, or processing.
o Acts as a branch office of a foreign company
o Earns income as a domestic branch office and must pay the applicable taxes
• Project office
o For a particular project or purpose
o Works as a temporary branch office
o For projects which are granted to foreign company to be executed in India by an Indian Company
• Liaison office
o Functions as representing the foreign company in India
o It acts a communication channel between the Indian Company and the foreign Entity’s foreign Headquarters.
o It cannot conduct any operations or promotional activities Indian
o No income is earned by these entities, their expenses are borne by the foreign Head Office
• Subsidiary
o A subsidiary of a foreign company in India is called an Indian Company
o It can have full-fledged presence as a company in the country
• Joint Ventures
o Joint ventures are type of partnership between Indian and Foreign company
o Foreign company does not have 100% ownership
o Some percentage of entity is held by Indian Company.

Mandatory requirements for registration of Foreign Company in India
o No minimum capital requirement
o The company much have a local registered address in India
o There should be 2 directors and one of them needs to be Indian
o Shareholders can be anywhere in between 2 and 200, all of them can be foreign nationals
o It is required to appoint a statutory auditor within 30 days of the formation of company in India

Our Company Incorporation Services
o Company registration
o Formation of company under Start up India Scheme
o Application of Director Identification Number, Digital Signature, and name approval of the entity.
o Preparation of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association and submission of SPICE, SPICE 33, SPICE 34.
o ROC Compliances
o Government Approvals
o Registration with the tax authorities for PAN, TAN, VAT, GST.
o Compliance with FEMA and RBI Regulations.
o FDI approvals
o Applying for and obtaining statutory certificates from RBI and FEMA
o Share Transfers from residents to non-Residents
o Applying for purchase/sale of shares, securities, and debentures.
o Applying for repatriation of Income/assets from and to India
o Setting up Joint ventures and partnerships
o Registration for Import Export Code (IEC)
o Registration for provident fund, pension, ESIC, Shops and establishments, and others
o Assistance in opening a bank account
o Filing of TDS returns, Tax Returns, VAT returns, GST returns and Professional Tax returns
o Tax Planning
o Statutory audit, Internal audit, Management audit, IT Audit
o Other relevant registration for employers, Manufacturers, service providers

Why Us?
o K M GATECHA & CO LLP has always been committed to providing excellent services to its clients
o The team of company formation services experts is vastly knowledgeable and efficient in providing consultancy services to you and thus enabling you to make the right choices to achieve your business goals and vision, also along the way saving you a lot of headache and money
o We at K M GATECHA & CO LLP assist our clients in all post-incorporation services as well.
o Necessary registrations with industry associations and organizations
o Essential licenses and permissions pertaining to the state and national levels,
o Bank account opening
o Other tax related matters
o We have a dedicated team of experts who solely assist foreign companies in company formation process in India
o We conduct the necessary research and analysis for the business sector and assist the clients in obtaining all the licenses, registration and permits require for the formation of company in India and thus ensuring a smooth formation and operation for the foreign company in India

    FAQS on company formation services-Best Company formation services in ahmedabad

    o   Foreign investment can enter India Through the following two routes

    §  Automatic route : Under Regulation 16 of FEMA 20 (R), foreign Investment is possible in all sectors and activities without any approvals from the RBI or government

    §  Government Route: The activities and sectors, for which automatic route of foreign investment is not available, need prior government approval

    o   A foreign company is defined as any company or body corporate incorporated outside India, which has a place of business in India whether by itself or through an agent, physically or through electronic mode, and conducts any business activity in India in any other manner.

    1. o   Company name approval is required for formation of company in India.

      o   Form INC-1 need to be filed by the application with the Registrar of Companies online along with the digital signature of one of the proposed Directors.

      o   Following information is also needed

      §  Types of business entity, which is proposed for the formation

      §  Two alternative names for the company, along with justification for the same

      §  Name of the company should follow the rules and guideline by Ministry of Corporate Affairs

      §  Key objectives of proposed company

      §  The authorized capital of the proposed company

      §  Names of other group companies

      o   After receiving the application, MCA scrutinizes the application and checks if the name is unique and does not match with name of existing companies.

      o   After thorough checking, it either accepts or rejects the application

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