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Misconception about Internal Audit

Companies feel that internal audit is not required and non beneficial till it is required by statute or any law. Internal audit is usually avoided by companies as it can involve resources and time.K M GATECHA & CO LLP provides best internal audit services in ahmedabad,hence our internal audit services includes following.

Internal audit services

Review of Internal audit

Many organization has their own system of internal audit and they approach us for reviewing their internal audit system. In that case, we review its objectives, process, controls, and operating process, and its effectiveness. We also review internal audit controls in order to provide the best internal audit services in ahmedabad and other places.

Internal audit services in ahmedbad

Outsourcing of Internal audit

Our outsourced internal audit services include providing full-fledged services with our experienced auditor and domain experts. In the end, it includes our report with recommendations, we also help to implement this recommendation. Thus we also provide outsourced best internal audit services in ahmedabad and other places.

Best Internal audit services in ahmedabad

When internal audit applicable for companies?

Internal audit applicable for following companies as per section 138 of companies Act 2013 as below:

1)Every listed company

2)For unlisted public companies:

a)paid-up share capital greater than or equal to Rs.50Crore during a previous financial year.
b)Turnover greater than or equal to Rs.200crore
c)Outstanding loan from bank/PFI greater than 100crore during the previous financial year.
d)Outstanding deposit greater or equal to Rs.25crore at any time during a previous financial year.

3)Private companies:
Outstanding loans or borrowings from the bank/public financial institutions greater than Rs.100crore at any time during the previous financial year.
Turnover greater or equal to Rs.200crore during a previous financial year.

Can employee be internal auditor?

The internal auditors may or may not be employees of the company.



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