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Business Valuation Services
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As the business landscape evolves, organizations face the imperative of strategizing for survival and profitability. It’s not just about the subsequent phase; rather, it’s the challenging task of plotting the course toward that phase amid various ongoing operational commitments. Business valuation and corporate restructuring stand as pivotal undertakings demanding profound, perceptive analysis and the guidance of seasoned consultants.

At KMG CO LLP firm, we foster collaboration between our experts and the company’s internal transactional specialists, enabling a comprehensive grasp of the business model and a deep understanding of its operational intricacies 

Business valuation services

Our skilled consultants in business valuation offer comprehensive valuation services to client companies, encompassing full business or asset valuation. Leveraging their extensive experience and solid professional acumen, KMG CO LLP professionals adeptly merge benchmarking analysis with deep sector expertise to deliver exceptional business valuation services. Our suite of business valuation services includes:


Business Valuation Services



Business Valuation Services

Our adept team of corporate restructuring professionals assists client companies in navigating disruptive business challenges through effective business restructuring measures. From analyzing the company’s current structure, financials, business environment, operations, and relevant regulations to defining objectives for the restructuring endeavor, our team manages the entire process seamlessly. Our array of organizational restructuring services comprises:

  • Reorganizing the business to emphasize core assets while divesting non-core assets.

  • Simplifying the complex multi-layered structure.

  • Restructuring the business to establish a partnership or joint venture with another company.

  • Restructuring at a corporate level aimed at securing a valuable partnership.

  • Strategizing for a merger and/or acquisition spanning across borders.

  • Reorganizing to create an organizational structure that supports the raising of funds.

  • Alterations in the corporate structure aiming to minimize exposure to significant reputational risks within the current taxation structure.

  • Externalization to venture into foreign markets, either for geographical expansion, fundraising purposes, or other business opportunities.


Business Valuation Services

FAQS on Business Valuation Services

  • The process of determining the fair market value of a business is what constitutes business valuation.
  • Business valuation employs three primary approaches:


  • 1. Asset approach: This method views the business as a collection of assets and liabilities. It includes the going concern asset-based approach, where the evaluator calculates the business value by deducting total liabilities from total assets. The liquidation asset-based approach determines the net cash remaining if all assets are sold and liabilities settled.


  • 2. Earnings value approach: This approach assesses the business’s value based on its capacity to generate future wealth. It encompasses the capitalization valuation method, which adjusts past earnings to accommodate exceptional revenues or expenses, then multiplies this figure by a capitalization factor. The discounted method involves dividing an average of projected future earnings by the capitalization factor.


  • 3. Market value approach: This approach analyzes real market indicators to ascertain the business’s value. It involves comparing the business to similar companies or transactions in the marketplace.”
  • Corporate restructuring involves rearranging a company’s ownership, operational framework, legal structure, or other organizational components to enhance profitability or align more effectively with the current industry landscape and internal objectives.
  • Corporate restructuring comprises two primary types:

The first is financial restructuring, involving alterations in the company’s equity pattern, equity holdings, debt repayment schedule, and cross-holding arrangement. This strategic move aims to enhance sustainability and profitability, particularly during challenging economic circumstances. 

The second type is organizational restructuring, focusing on modifying the company’s organizational structure to reduce costs or settle outstanding debts. This restructuring often involves reducing hierarchical levels, downsizing the workforce, adjusting reporting structures, or reconfiguring job roles.