NIL TDS return declaration

When tax is not deducted declaration may be to be filed on Traces website and thus no TDS return is required to file under section 200(3) of Income Tax Act 1961.But for those who is not required to file TDS return it is advisable to submit NIL TDS return declaration status.In this article we have guided you to how to submit NIL declaration on traces.Nil filing of declaration is not compulsory but advisable.If the business is closed business user should surrender TAN to jurisdictional assessing officer.

NIL TDS return declaration
NIL TDS return declaration
NIL TDS return declaration
Link for filing NIL TDS return declaration is that after login visit statement/payment page and in that visit declaration for non filing of TDS statement.After clicking on that below option will appear:
  • Selection of financial year.
  • Selection of Quarter.
  • Selection of Form type 24Q, 26Q, 27Q or 27EQ.
  • Selection of reason for non-filing of TDS statement from menu.It will be mandatory to specify reason if user selects other.
Details marked with asterisk will be compulsory.On filing of above details user is required to click on proceed and submit declaration. On successful submission user will receive notification of statement as non-filing in the email.
User can change status of all period once after non filing,if user wishes to file statement at later once selected as non filing.To do this user need to visit statement/payment tab and select declaration for non filing of TDS statement and select period in that for which user wish to change the status.On selecting period user need to click on change status of filing and click proceed/add statement to file TDS returns.

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