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NRI income tax return in Gandhinagar can be filed by following steps
1) Determine country of residency in India

2) Reconciling taxes and income with 26AS, AIS and TIS.

3) Determine taxable income and tax liability.

4) Sett off tax paid in other countries with help of DTAA treaty.

5) Choosing correct ITR form for NRI

6) Filing income not liable to tax.

7) Validating bank details on income tax portal and e-verifying ITR on income tax portal within 30 days of e-filing.

An NRI same as any other individual tax payer has to file income tax return in Gandhinagar if gross total income exceeds Rs.2.5 lakhs for any given financial year.

NRI are required to file income tax return in Gandhinagar,India if they gross total income exceeding Rs.2.5 lakhs in India.

Interest earned on NRE,FCNR and income earned abroad is not for NRI in Gandhinagar,India.

Following documents are required for NRI income tax return in Gandhinagar,India
1) Passport: This is required to verify identity and residency of individual.

2) Income proofs: This documents are required to validate income of NRI

3) Bank account details: The NRI needs to provide Indian bank account details where income tax refund will be credited.