Apply for GST cancellation

GST is most trending tax topic.Many business users might have taken voluntary registration though not liable for GST.After taking registration people are worried apply for GST cancellation and to surrender their GST registration as they are not liable for GST. It is important to note that application for cancellation of voluntarily applied GST registration can be done only after completion of one year of registration.

Apply for GST cancellation
Apply for GST cancellation
Rule for Apply for GST cancellation
A registered person, other than a person to whom a registration has been granted under rule 12 or a person to whom a Unique Identity Number has been granted under rule 17, seeking cancellation of his registration under sub-section (1) of section 29 shall electronically submit an application in FORM GST REG-16, including therein the details of inputs held in stock or inputs contained in semi-finished or finished goods held in stock and of capital goods held in stock on the date from which the cancellation of registration is sought, liability thereon, the details of the payment, if any, made against such liability and may furnish, along with the application, relevant documents in support thereof, at the common portal within a period of thirty days of the occurrence of the event warranting the cancellation, either directly or through a Facilitation Centre notified by the Commissioner:
Provided that no application for the cancellation of registration shall be considered in case of a taxable person, who has registered voluntarily, before the expiry of a period of one year from the effective date of registration “ 
Registered person can apply for GST cancellation of registration in following cases:
  • Business or profession is shutdown or discontinued.
  • Death of the proprietor in case of sole proprietorship.
  • Business activities are not liable to GST
  • Any other reason
  • Turnover is less than prescribed limit.
Steps for apply for GST cancellation of registration:
  1. Click on cancellation of provisional registration after logging into GST portal.
  2. Provide reason for cancellation of GST registration
  3. Details for issuance of invoice will be required to be entered.
  4. Details of authorized signatory need to be entered.
  5. Authorize application with DSC in case of company or LLP and by using EVC in case of partnership or proprietorship.
In case of above if details of invoice issued during the month is required than registered person is required to follow below steps:
  1. Click on cancellation of provisional registration after logging into GST portal.
  2. Registered person is required to fill details in form REG-16 and thus provide details like liability date,input and capital goods held in stock and details of payment,
  3. Registered person will be required to provide reason for cancellation of registration when asked in form REG-18 within 7 days
On completion of above process if registration cancellation is confirmed than officer will issue cancellation order under REG-20. Cancellation of registration under CGST Act automatically leads cancellation of registration under SGST Act.

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